Who We Are
Designers, Activists, Researchers, Coders, Filmmakers, ..

The Blue House is a place for work, learning, and collaboration.

We started in 2014 as an intentional community for people to share their work, expertise, resources, and ideas with each other through informal conversations and projects. Since then, we’ve brought together designers, writers, researchers, artists, activists, filmmakers, coders, teachers, entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders, social service experts, developers, and many others to share workspace, learn from each other, collaborate on projects, and support one another in doing our most meaningful work.

Our Managers

A dedicated team of volunteer managers handles Blue HOuse operations and logistics. Our community aspires to be good neighbors, challenge injustice, learn and experiment and work with others.

Central City Proud

The Blue House is located in the heart of Central City, New Orleans.

We believe in supporting and contributing to the community-led change that leaders in Central City have been at the forefront of for decades. Through partnerships, we strive to play a role in this neighborhood’s long tradition of convening, knowledge-building, and advocacy.

Contact Us
1700 South Rampart Street
New Orleans, LA