A Shared Studio

The Blue House is a community where designers, writers, researchers, artists, activists, filmmakers, coders, teachers, entrepreneurs, developers, and others come together to share and shape a new kind of workspace. The space consists of two ground-floor rooms and three second-floor rooms located at the intersection of South Rampart and Euterpe. In one room there is dedicated desk space and communal work areas for 15 people. The second room is flexible space dedicated to sharing and collaboration, and can be easily reconfigured to accommodate the wide variety of programming that makes The Blue House more than a traditional coworking space. Three small additional rooms overlooking the courtyard offer private meeting and conversation rooms.

A Community

The Blue House is an intentional community; it is a space for a group of people who are interested in sharing their work, expertise, resources, and ideas with each other through informal conversations and shared programming. This pooling of interests and energies is one of the driving motivations behind the Blue House. Each member of the community joins with their own skills and projects, but is interested in the conversations and opportunities that arise out of proximity to other ambitious, creative individuals. We offer four different membership options, from full- and part-time members to those who participate purely for the communal programming. All are critical to the success of the community we’re working to build, and all will play a role in helping to define and shape the space.

A Collective

Proximity is profound

Meaningful engagement with each other and the city that surrounds us is essential to those that call the Blue House home. Members collectively curate the dinners, lectures, screenings, exhibitions, workshops, classes, and other programming that enliven and enrich the collective. At the same time, these events and resources are a means of reaching out to our neighbors and strengthening our connections to the local community, as well as communities beyond OC Haley and Central City. The Blue House builds loosely on the concept of a co-op, with transparency about budgets and costs, key decisions made by the community, and opportunity to participate in management. Profits generated will be reinvested into the space, shared resources and programming, in order to support the growth of the community and provide the best possible environment for work and collaboration.


The Blue House offers four membership levels, allowing for a diverse community of people in many different situations. Coworking amenities include work space, storage, access to conference rooms, use of the library and reading room, free black and white printing, high-speed wifi, and coffee from Four Barrel. The Blue House also has a scanner and copier. All members have access to the Blue House on nights and weekends, and enjoy access to all programming events. To get going write us at


Full use of the space for one day, including all amenities and any programming events going on that night or during the day.

$20 a day


Access to the community room downstairs during nights and weekends, along with discounted day-passes.

$60 a month


Full use of all workspaces and open desks three days per week, access nights and weekends, and open storage space. 

$175 a month

*other part-time membership options available, contact us for info


Your own permanent, individual desk, storage, access to the Blue House at all times, plus one free guest pass per month.

$300 a month